Who is paget brewster dating

Brewster had a short-lived Bay Area talk show and was a bartender at the late Andy Boy's Drunk Tank in San Francisco.

She also appeared in Andy Richter Controls The Universe and as Beth Huffstodt in the Showtime series Huff, which aired from 2004-2006. Indestructible, the female lead in James Gunn's low-budget superhero comedy The Specials (2000), opposite Thomas Haden Church and Rob Lowe.

She has, however, photographed spreads of other models for the website Suicide Girls.

Brewster was also known as a retro pin-up model in the Los Angeles area, as well as a retro photographer.

' I had another year on my contract that I didn't know about, so I had to come back! "It wasn't like they cut my arm off making me come back," she says. And the nicest thing was the fans coming up to me the whole time.

On Friends, she played Joey's, and later Chandler's girlfriend Kathy.

Brewster first came to prominent attention in her recurring role as Kathy, Joey's girlfriend (and later Chandler's) in the fourth season of Friends.

The BAU realized that, after taking on famous killers like the Son of Sam, among others, his most likely next stop was Chicago.

They alerted the city, and a college coed called the tip line when she realized he'd spoken to her that afternoon.

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