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Mandy Musgrave And Gabrielle Christian Dating : Dating Concepts For Recently Divorced Women Over 40 - Dating Suggestions For Recently Divorced Women Over 40Dating after a divorce may possibly be difficult for women of any age.However, those over the age of 40 sometimes find it far more difficult than others.There is so much more of that coming, like the teddy-bear scene, which was the cutest thing ever. I have ones from people trying to come out, asking how to do it. Although, [comparing] this season to the first season, Matt kisses a lot better than he did. He's a much better kisser the second season, but I prefer Gaby's kissing. It is amazing how opposite we are from our characters.I remember when we were shooting that, I was like, "I want to kiss the ["Get well"] bear. " They didn't let me do it because they didn't want me to ruin my stage makeup. I try to give them advice and then [I remember] I'm Mandy Musgrave, not Ashley Davies. " and then I'm like, "Oh, I'm straight, I can't give you that advice." TVGuide.com: I've got to know, who is the better kisser, Gabrielle or Matt [Cohen, who plays Ashley's ex, Matt]? TVGuide.com: Will we see Ashley and Aiden together again, or is Ashley happy with Spencer? I hope all throughout the second season, and even the third season, she remains with Spencer. There was a scene [recently] where I run after Spencer and I'm limping. I was running and tripped on my heel and planted my face into the ground. I don't like people being able to see me cry, and Matt ran out and picked me up and carried me back to the trailer and I just started sobbing like a little girl. We air right after Degrassi and About a Girl, and some of thoseteenybopper shows, so I think they just wanted to be cautious with ourmaterial.But it was kind of hypocritical in the sense where every other character onthe show is extremely physical, having sex and making out.

But I think on our show, they were just really scared to show toomuch of it.They are true lovesand would probably figure something out after college.Spencer would probably moveback and they’d live together. Why was So N so devoidof decent love scenes for Spencer and Ashley?It is challenging because I think of things in the past, or how I'd feel if father were to die. But it is the most amazing thing that could have happened for the character, because now you can see who she really is.TVGuide.com: Plus, you have this adorable relationship between Ashley and Spencer. When I found out [she wasn't], I was really excited.

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