Validating wireless connection

​A fundamental component of RADIUS is a client's validation of the RADIUS server's identity.

This is accomplished by hosting a certificate on the RADIUS server that has been validated by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

You will need to enter your encryption information here in order to connect to your network.

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After all of this is done then connect using the wireless connection.If a self-signed certificate (or any certificate from an untrusted CA) is in use, most clients will reject the connection since they cannot validate the server's identity.For troubleshooting purposes, server certificate validation can be disabled on one or multiple clients, allowing those clients to connect regardless of the certificate in use.Is the network setup for just auto IP configuration.Oh and make sure that the mac address of the wireless card on the xp machine has not been excluded in a mac address filter in the router.unless you are running into the initial problem that most older hardware had.

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