Validating bindingsource

What makes it different, however, is that it does so by building on already established Java technologies like Spring and Hibernate.

The Cache Plugin has been rewritten and no longer use proxies which improves startup time and performance.

The plugin is also now Multi-Tenant aware, ensuring that cached data is not seen by other tenants.

Before installing Grails 3.3.2 you will need as a minimum a Java Development Kit (JDK) installed version 1.7 or above.

For example, if you’re using bash or another variant of the Bourne Shell: What we want is a simple page that just prints the message "Hello World! In Grails, whenever you want a new page you just create a new controller action for it.

Due to that change, information about your domain classes is not available until the application context is available.

With Grails' default settings you can actually develop an application without doing any configuration whatsoever, as the quick start demonstrates, but it’s important to learn where and how to override the conventions when you need to.

Later sections of the user guide will mention what configuration settings you can use, but not how to set them.

A compatibility layer has been provided to allow classes compiled with the previous version that uses Reactor to run, however all plugins and application code should be re-compiled and direct references to Reactor 2.x should be removed.

Several plugins and libraries have been separated from Grails core into standalone projects.

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