Validating bindingsource

The following table summarizes the previous artefact id, the new artefact id and the location of the new sources: The internal implementation of the methods in those classes now delegates to the mapping context.

Due to that change, information about your domain classes is not available until the application context is available.

Download the appropriate JDK for your operating system, run the installer, and then set up an environment variable called On some platforms (for example OS X) the Java installation is automatically detected.

However in many cases you will want to manually configure the location of Java.

Dynamic frameworks like Rails and Django helped pave the way to a more modern way of thinking about web applications.

The previous behavior of using converters to build the JSON was able to be re-enabled by setting It may seem odd that in a framework that embraces "convention-over-configuration" that we tackle this topic now.

See the screenshot below for an example: Grails uses "convention over configuration" to configure itself.

This typically means that the name and location of files is used instead of explicit configuration, hence you need to familiarize yourself with the directory structure provided by Grails.

Since Grails 3.3, the Grails Testing Support Framework is used for all unit tests.

The new testing framework is much simpler and provides a set of traits that improve readability, debugging and code completion.

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