Updating your own website

Many web hosts provide online editing tools to help you make changes to your site.You will be given a login username and password which you use to access a special web page.

Pros: For most websites, online editing tools are less desirable than using a specialist software package.Others have the time to do basic updates themselves, but rely on me to add scripts or custom functionality like contact forms, bulletin boards and other more advanced features they aren’t interested in tackling themselves.Whether you’re looking for basic content updates like adding new pages, text, images and videos, or if you want to integrate a content management system, a contact form or some other custom functionality, I’m happy to help you do it and as always, keep it simple, communicate how long it will take, and bill at my hourly rate when the work is done.The screenshot on the right shows the WYSIWG editor.To get to this editor, open the page you want to edit in the File Manager (in this case the page is Media College.com's home page).

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