Updating your own website

Below I outline some steps that can help you understand the test site being built and your current site from an SEO viewpoint.This is vital when changing your website around, and I will cover how to make sure the web development agency keeps the important SEO work that’s gone into your website. Too often clients don't stop to consider the SEO impact of changing their website.When you’re ready to update your website, just give me a call or shoot me an e-mail and tell me a bit about what you’re looking to have done on your website.I’ll give you a rough idea of how long it should take, will get to work, and let you know when your website updates are complete!A toolbar appears above the page, and you can edit the text on the page directly.

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Then when you launch the new site, the new content will have no value because it will be duplicate.Once you have the current site’s meta data and structure, you will know how to match the new site up. Free tools like Woorank will do the job, but I strongly advise you to get your hands dirty and manually do the work yourself.There’s nothing like getting into the nitty gritty of your site to find any problem areas.In these events, often the client doesn't even consider telling their online marketing agency about the redesign until two days before launch.This resource will cover how to do SEO checks on your test site/development site to ensure the structure, URLs, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and more all match up properly. However, by thinking strategically, you can take the opportunity to improve a site’s performance after a redesign.

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