Updating formica kitchen countertops

It is a different consistency (that is unfortunately not as easy to apply as regular paint), is much more durable (and cleanable) when finished, and has a VERY strong smell when painting.So, you want to make sure you use a respirator and do your best to let air circulate while the coating is drying.Next, tape off any areas that you don’t want the countertop coating to stick to and make sure to cover the floors with something as well, just in case.I used painter’s tape around the fridge, the sink, the backsplash, and underneath the countertops.

And since I still hadn’t shared the tutorial for how I resurfaced the countertops (for less than ), I figured I would share that today.

While this tutorial is more of a temporary solution for me because I’m planning to make some more expensive changes soon – which you can read about here – it’s a great budget-friendly option for anyone looking for a simple solution to their ugly laminate countertop woes.

Click through to learn how to resurface laminate countertops for under .

I’ve kind of skipped around a little bit on the kitchen renovation stuff.

BUT when I was still thinking I should just put a band-aid on the kitchen issue (issue being that it’s ugly), I did some budget-friendly things to make it look a little better.

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