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You must apply for new ESTA authorization, instead.Your previous application will be automatically cancelled.You must provide (in English) biographical data including name, birth date and passport information.You also need to answer the VWP eligibility questions regarding communicable diseases, arrests, and convictions for certain crimes, and past history of visa revocation or deportation, among others. government does not charge any fee to get ESTA authorization.ESTA will accept application from last minute and emergency travelers - those VWP travelers that arrive at the airport without an approved ESTA. In most cases, ESTA provides an almost immediate determination of eligibility to travel under the VWP.Once you complete an application, you are notified of your eligibility to travel to the U. There are three types of responses to an ESTA application: The CBP web site to apply for ESTA is operated by the U. government and employs technology to prevent unauthorized access to the information entered and viewed.

ETSA application data may be shared by various departments of DHS on a need-to-now basis consistent with that department's mission.

If your ESTA authorization expires after you arrive in the U. Before you submit the ESTA application, review all the data you entered for accuracy.

Even the ESTA application asks you to reaffirm your passport number before you finally submit the application.

The computer utilized to submit the ESTA application should be configured to include the U. English language with a suitable English font set as a language selection for keyboard input. However, there are several private web sites run by unauthorized third parties that charge a fee to provide information about ESTA and to submit the ESTA application on your behalf. Using those web sites will not increase your chances of ESTA approval or expedite the process.

If you are using Microsoft Windows 95 or higher, please refer to for computer configuration. Such web sites are not endorsed by, associated with, or affiliated in any way with the U. It is best to avoid such web sites that charge you money.

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