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If you realize that you have entered some of the data incorrectly or you would like to update the data, it may or may not be possible to do so depending upon the type of data you would like to correct and/or update.Not changeable: It is not possible to update or correct any passport information (such as passport issuance date or passport expiration date), identifying biographic information, or eligibility questions after the application. If your previous application was approved, you can just close the browser, open it again and apply immediately with the new information.

Your previous application will be automatically cancelled.The standard is being revised to address outdated references, correct errors, and include new technologies.E1.6-4, Portable Control of Fixed-Speed Electric Chain Hoists in the Entertainment Industry, covers portable control systems for fixed-speed electric chain hoists used in the entertainment industry.E1.6-3, Selection and Use of Serially Manufactured Chain Hoists in the Entertainment Industry, establishes minimum safety requirements for the selection and use of serially manufactured electric link chain hoists having capacity of two tons or less in the entertainment industry.This part does not address the design or maintenance of these hoists.

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