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The good news is that there is a Perl interface for Dazuko, so if things did change and this became a desirable functionality, it could probably be implemented. Please remember to include the distro you are running (Fedora, Cent OS, Ubuntu, Mandriva, etc), along with the versions of Clam AV and Clam Tk.

The more detailed you are, the faster the problem can be fixed.

If you know of a good way, please email the author.

Remember, if it's done incorrectly, your (or someone else's) inbox could be damaged or deleted.

In that case, click If you're using older versions of Ubuntu, then you're likely running an old version of Clam AV (the engine).

You'll want to start using a ppa which will keep Clam AV up-to-date.

website has a package for your distribution, start there first.

Below is a list of the files that fog was providing for Clamav support: Note: The above must be done before you install fog.Building clamav into the inits didn't allow a simple method to upgrade Clamav so you're more in sync with the current information.Building a static binary is slightly better, but still requires frequent updating to stay with their current code set.Note that Typically, everything is developed on Fedora (latest release).Then, it's tested on Debian (stable), the latest Ubuntu, and Cent OS.

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