Updating a file in java

For example, updating VIOS to, clone a system, and then install updates to bring the cloned rootvg to

This updates the system while it was still running.

This overview of the update process prepares an administrator for the tasks to be performed so that the VIOS migration to higher level can be as quick and easy as possible.

This is an intermediate level article and is targeted for system administrators who are working in the field of IBM Power Systems virtualization and using the VIOS.

Continuing the process, next you may optionally mirror rootvg after the update.

You can follow the steps below to mirror rootvg on a new second disk.

In this case, the code attempts to load the file in the directory where the application was started.

If it's not found there, it looks in the classpath for the file.

We take very seriously whom we hire, but we're looking for a way to make the process less time consuming for us and more objective.We tested this procedure in our environment by updating VIOS to VIOS on an IBM POWER7® processor-based system.Key points to understand on a VIOS update: Un-mirroring rootvg If rootvg is mirrored on multiple disks on a source VIOS, you will need to un-mirror the rootvg before doing the update.We all know the motivation behind configuration, or properties, files — it's bad practice to hard-code values into your code, and it makes more sense to allow them to be overridden at runtime. Using the examples above of values you may want to override at runtime, a properties file in the form of named-value pairs is often quick and easy to create.For instance, you may want to allow the user to set or change the default value of the network port your software listens on, the number of threads created in a thread pool, or the address of a server your software communicates with. Fortunately, Java makes it very easy to read, write, and update properties files in multiple forms, via the For instance: There's more error checking than code, as is often the case when dealing with files, but it's pretty straightforward.

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