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Some common activities that allow you to interact with others online are: If someone is bothering you in any way on the Internet (like harassing you, threatening you, making you feel bad, etc.), tell a parent or trusted adult.Although they may be upset, it’s still very important that you talk to someone about this.It’s okay to make friends online, so long as you do not provide too much personal information about yourself – and you should also keep your online friends The use of the Internet to entice or persuade youth (anyone under the age of 18) to meet for sexual acts or to help arrange such a meeting is a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada.There can also be serious consequences if you send photos or videos of someone who is under the age of 18 and the photo/video is of a sexual nature, even if you know the individual.

Just make sure you do tell someone, so that you have someone to support you and help you through this.

Interacting online has become a part of our everyday lives.

It allows us to make friends all over the world and makes it easier to keep in touch with friends and family who might not live close by.

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