Traits of intimidating people

All of these assumptions will eventually erode trust between any two people.While the notion of appearing intimidating might initially feel empowering to some people, the damage it can create in any relationship can be devastating.But some of the relations do not last forever or go according to our plan.When the whole episode is over, we are left with a box full of sorrow and a lot of truth realizations. When we are satisfied with the reality of who we are, we are comfortable and happy. Since you are the honest one, you expect people to be the same with you. You like to discover intense truth; Knowing someone with their flaws as well as their positives is something worth the talk.

You never have the fear of being judged because that is not how you think about the world.I never spent too much time considering the impact intimidation plays in daily life until I was told by a former coworker, "Todd, I once thought you were intimidating." Shocked by this statement-because I'm not loud, large in physical stature, or any of the items listed above-I asked, "How could you possibly find me intimidating?" Apparently my former coworker was intimidated by the fact that I don't talk a lot. I honestly avoid anything I would consider to be obligatory small talk.True authority doesn't come from making those around us feel small. It comes from inspiring everyone around us to greatness.

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