Tivo schedule not updating

I could buy another VCR, but a DVR seems to make more sense, since I especially like the rewind feature. Just something as easy to use as a VCR for everyday recording. BUT you need a phone connection (but not necessarily a subscription) to set the clock.

I think that could be worked around but it's likely to be a big pain.

It is rumored that a Direc Ti Vo has mass, occupies space, uses electricity, and is useful as a paperweight only if you have a subscription. Yes, but it's finding this "non-Tivo DVR" that is the problem.

I have a Panasonic DVR that has its own TV schedule (no subscription required) and it doesn't even have a way to connect it to a phone line (schedule info comes in over the air somehow). Most seem to come with a TV Guide that I've read does not work with Direc TV.

"In movies we have all of Sky, plus other a la carte services like Curzon and the BFI.It's doubtful whether your DVR can access the 1-8xx number used to contact Direc TV from Canada.Direc TV DVRs will attempt to contact Direc TV monthly to upload PPV data.Direc TV does not offer DVRs or program guide service to Canadians.I'd guess a "hacked" unit is not legal under any circumstance.

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