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What is your best way to connect with Europe’s elite of young shapers?START Speeddating enables startups and students to connect during 2 minutes.As student: Exchange contact information with your interview partners and ask for feedback in any case.With your successful impression during the first 120 seconds, you’ll get the chance to have an extensive interview before STARTing in your entrepreneurial career.

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Match in Six events deliver a signature event experience. We plan events for private groups, fundraisers, and even girls night out.

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Hier können sie über das bloggen, was sonst crossmedial hinten runterfällt.

Whether you're creating singles events for x church or jow for a business Masked balls are a good singles event how to start a speed dating business balls with very small groups of. Have your "planted people" give the prize to the 15th person that introduces themselves to them.

The winner is the player with the most people on his team.

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