Star trek dating service

He submitted it to 10 open-access journals known or suspected of charging authors publication fees without providing the editorial services associated with legitimate journals, such as careful peer review and vetting of the paper's claims.Four accepted it, though only one, the American Research Journal of Biosciences, published the paper."Midichlorians are sometimes criticized as one of the most ridiculous elements of the ' Star Wars' universe, so I thought I needed to even things out by picking what is arguably one of the scientifically worst episodes of ' Star Trek,'" Bio Trekkie told by email."I was also curious what sort of responses I might get by the subset that reviewed the paper," he said.

Of the four predatory journals that accepted the paper, none recognized the blatant falsification, even those providing peer review. Music by Rudolf Friml; Lyrics by Clifford Grey and P. There certain characters that I think work in a youthful way and I think I really skated along the edge in the last couple movies as it was."They are essentially counterfeit journals, mimicking the look and feel of legitimate online journals, but with the singular goal of making easy money." Bio Trekkie's "research" isn't the first to target predatory journals.The enormous amount of spam that researchers receive by email may have prompted the submission of one paper that repeats its title phrase, "Get Me Off Your F---ing Mailing List," for 10 pages straight, as reported by Vox.

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