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The body of a young Muslim man was found in one of the burnt-out houses early on Tuesday, police said.A curfew that was imposed in two districts of Kandy on Monday has now been extended.The launch is part of a planned joint venture between the US Internet giant and Colombo to deliver high-speed Internet access powered by helium-filled balloons.

Find casual sex partners online easily using our private and secure site, start. Find casual sex in Caboolture, Queensland, with Fling Finder - it's never been easier!Sri Lanka as a whole has long been divided between the majority Sinhalese, making up 70 per cent of the population and who are overwhelmingly Buddhist, minority Tamils who are mostly Hindu and make up 13 per cent, and around 9 per cent of people who are Muslims. Sri Lanka remains deeply scarred by its 1983-2009 civil war, when Tamil rebels fought to create an independent homeland.While the rebels were eventually crushed, a religious divide has taken hold in recent years, with hard-line Sinhalese groups accusing Muslims of forcing people to convert to Islam and destroying sacred Buddhist archaeological sites.He said some people had been instigating violence on Facebook – the most popular social media site among Sri Lankans – and warned they faced serious repercussions.It was unclear what the practical implications of the state of emergency would be in the rest of the country beyond Kandy itself.

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