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At baseline, we administered a survey evaluating access to and use of various technologies and analyzed the responses using descriptive statistics and logistic regression.Results: The sample population had a mean age of 56 (SD 11) years; 67.3% (175/260) were female and 54.6% (n=142) self-identified as being from ethnic minority groups (n=125, 88.0% black; n=6, 4.3% Hispanic; and n=11, 7.7% other).The documentation of glucose values and other relevant measurements is often still on paper in a diabetes diary.Objective: The goal of this work is to develop and implement a novel mobile health system for the secure collection of relevant data referring to a person’s metabolis and to digitize the diabetes diary to enable continuous monitoring for both patients and treating physicians.Conclusions: Data collection on a patient’s metabolism can be supported with a multifunctional app such as Gluco Man.Besides monitoring, continuous data can be documented and made available to the treating physician.Digitalized solutions have the potential to modify and personalize the way in which people use primary health services, both by increasing access to information and providing other forms of support at a distance.It is a challenge to integrate core values of person-centered care into digitalized health care services.

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Background: Patients with diabetes can be affected by several comorbidities that require immediate action when occurring as they may otherwise cause fatal or consequential damage.

For this reason, patients must closely monitor their metabolism and inject insulin when necessary.

Conclusions: Digital health services for self-management are easily accessible and have the potential to reach a wide population.

However, targeted training to increase digital skills is required, and personalized devices must be adapted and become more person-centered to improve patients’ involvement in their own care.

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