Sex chat lines no upgrades no charge no credit card

When I received all the information on my email, everything was totally different, including charging me for the phone!

Today is 3/17/18 and I’ve been trying since 3/7/18 to get this problem resolved and after wasting over 4 hours of my time on the phone and calling a million phone numbers and getting transferred a million times, the only information I received was to send back the phone which I did on 3/13/18.

They have no business doin business with the current lack of customer service based on lies/mispresentation incentives leaving out the loopholes they never communicate prior to customers’ agreement to switch from verizon to ATT in wireless dept/or change tv & internet to be a direct account from previous uverse account ALL of which becomes a labyrinth you can never gain solutions from or anything close to the pricing you were promised Reply AT&T is the ABSOLUTE worse business company I have EVER had to deal with in all my 55 years of being a business professional!

Sex chat lines no upgrades no charge no credit card-29

In fact I’m probably going to make a complaint to the attorney general of Massachusetts!On June 14, 2017 AT&T removed my landline and installed a digital line with phone & internet.For some inexplicable reason AT&T created a new account (#251257181) with the phone installation.ATT has no problem sending texts & updating bills but NOTHING RE WHERE ALL THE THE INCENTIVES I WAS PROMISED are Reply ATT practices are a”MONEYMAKER & CONSOLIDATION of dependence on their services HOWEVER ATT & DIRECTTV ARE GATHERING NEW CUSTOMERS WHO ARE MAKING DECISIONS W/ FALSE & MISLEADING INFO BY ALL EMPLOYEES- ALL CALL CENTERS/ ATT RETAIL STORES /DALLAS/AUSTIN/PA/SOUTH EAST ASIA & THEY BOUNCE PEOPLE BETWEEN ALL WHILE BILLING THEM MORE WHILE PROMISING LESS IT BORDERS ON STEALING/W ACTIVATION FEES NEVER DISCLOSED THREATS OF DISCONNECTION WHEN HAVING JUST SWITCHED WHEN BILL IS TWICE WHAT EXPECTED THIS HAS TO BE LEGALLY DEALT W A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IF YOU ARE A LAWYER WILLING TO TAKE THIS CASE ILL BE YOUR FIRST CLIENT I read all of these complaints and I M BAFFLED WHO IS RUNNIN THIS COMPANY?is it like a mafia with the acquisition of Directtv ?

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