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Jerry plans to sabotage his own act, surmising that Kenny's act will also bomb, but Kenny gets the last laugh. 25, 97 (Episode 158): Since George's employer found out that he isn't really handicapped, his boss attempts to fire him.However his one year contract with Play Now states that as long as he shows up he'll be paid.When Jerry learns how to get mad, it releases all his other feelings, including caring which results in a wedding proposal to Elaine.

George releases his own feelings infront of Jerry which has an impact on emotional Jerry.

Later, he offers his office & one of their rubber balls to allow Kramer to test his oil tank bladder idea.

Jerry continues to cash in on his bet with Elaine, who just can't seem to keep away from Puddy.

The lawsuit that is filed by Claire puts Play Now out of business & George out of a his contract. 2, 97 (Episode 159): Frank is supposed to say "serenity now" to calm his blood pressure.

Jerry's girlfriend comments that she has never seen him get mad.

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