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The Realtek 1073DA is an early release that is unable to downmix DTS whilst the 1073DD is the most common version and can downmix DTS.

It was revealed in February 2010 that neither the 1073DA, 1073DD, or the 1283 can passthrough (bitstream) Dolby True HD or DTS-HD MA.

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One notable deficiency in all the Sigma chips is the inability to play RMVB files.

Early to middle 2011 will see updates to both the 865x and 864x chipsets.

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They will offer improved performance (800Mhz), working Gigabit LAN, and hardware 3D video acceleration.

The 865x will be suceeded by the 8670, offering a 700Mhz clock, 30% lower heat, and hardware 3D video acceleration.

This chipset was previously known as the 8656, but is now numbered '8670'.

Important players based on the 863x chipset are the original The Sigma 864x is clocked at 667mhz.

The 86 are identical except that the 8642 is a Macrovision version allowing for the ability to play copy protected DVD / Blu-Ray.

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