Salman khan dating elli avram

However, the actress was uncomfortable due to the cameras and desperately tried to hide her face when she was being clicked.Elli had done something similar some time ago when she was spotted coming to the airport with Hardik to see him off.

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Sooraj and Elli partied till the wee hours, according to reports.

It is said that Sooraj also attended Elli’s birthday celebrations this year.

This has left us wondering whether they are dating each other.

Elli and her rumored boyfriend posed together for a click as well, and the photo went viral soon after. By talking about these rumors, I'd just be giving more fodder for gossip.

However, the gorgeous diva had earlier completely rejected the rumors and said she isn't affected by such gossip. Anyway, so many wrong things have been written over the years but I've never gone out and clarified. People have such strong mentality that no matter what I say, they will be like, 'Oh, she is lying. She is hiding something," an entertainment portal had quoted Elli as saying when asked about Hardik.

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