I haven't talked to him since he got transferred 2 weeks ago. As to the general question about movement, it is not at all uncommon to see local movement be the day of the release...basically they come in the backgate and go to the bullpen without ever really being on the official count at the Walls.Sometimes they do move them the morning of release if the unit is close by (and Holliday is close to the Huntsville - Walls Unit).Will I still be able to pick him up and take him there or will he have to go by bus?Yes -- you can pick him up and take him to the halfway house.

Your LO will have to check in with Parole the first thing the following morning (or the following Monday if released on a Friday).

All information & questions relating to parole, probation, work release & community service in the State of Texas should be posted here. Today I got the answer to my first question, they WILL NOT be arrested upon release for a traffic violation warrant!! in TDCJ and Walker County Jail confirmed this for me today!!!

Also found here is information in creating Parole Packets, discussion of Parole Attorneys, etc. I picked him up on a Tuesday, And it took until around 2pm, which I was told was not normal, and he didn't come out until 3ish. If they have a warrant for a traffic violation will they still be released or will they be one of the ones who gets put in the back of a cop car by walker county???? Do u have to wait for them to get to u before u can jump in there arms or at what point can u start to walk towards them???? The only people that are arrested by Walker County upon release are the ones who have detainer holds on them.

2--Where do they need to park, or will it be obvious? 3--Some people said they'll get a call the day before telling them what time he'll be released. When they release the guys they all come down the hill at a fast clip. Cannot answer most of your questions but that is how it happened for me. :-)))All of this assumes that there is no detainer on your LO.

If they have a detainer, they will be taken into custody by the appropriate authorities on release from TDCJ.

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