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“I didn’t grow up thinking movies were there to be forgettable entertainment that were supposed to please me,” Zombie says.

“A lot of people think, — they didn’t seem like they were there to please the audience.

There’s always a better alternative than dwelling on temporary misfortune.

This attitude has come in handy countless times during Zombie’s life and career, which was forged at the intersection of New York City’s punk and metal scenes in the ’80s.

With the abundance of streaming services that movie fans subscribe to, the idea of turning on your TV to watch what a network offers seems like an almost archaic idea.

That concept will completely change this fall with cable network HDNet Movies counting down to Halloween by airing films in the 13 days leading up to the holiday, as picked and introduced by Rob Zombie, according to .

But in a crowded field of would-be Spielbergs like James Gunn and Colin Trevorrow, Zombie now stands apart as a tougher, meaner, and less family-friendly outlier in modern genre filmmaking, a callback to directors like Tobe Hooper, John Carpenter, and Brian De Palma.

“Rob is the kind of guy that makes his vision clear to you,” says Sid Haig, the 76-year-old exploitation movie veteran who has appeared in five of Zombie’s movies.

But the predominance of “one size fits all” filmmaking also hurts people like Zombie, who makes movies for the twisted, alienated teenagers that lurk inside seemingly well-adjusted adults.Zombie subsequently was handed his own franchise, with 2007’s Even in the niche-y world of horror, Zombie is a renegade.Instead of stocking his films with lithe, photogenic millennials, Zombie prefers his repertory company of ’70s-era character actors like Haig and Ken Foree.For the first time, Zombie opted to go the crowd-funding route to finance his “innocents tortured by homicidal clowns” opus. “I didn’t want it to look like you’re just begging people for money,” he says.“It seems kind of pathetic.” But he’s come around — when As a nerdy, introverted child raised by carnival workers — which might explain the preoccupation with demonic clowns — Zombie wanted to be like Steven Spielberg when he grew up.

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