Revalidating h1b visa

Question 7: I was laid off and found a new employer to sponsor me for an extension of my H1B status.

I am concerned that USCIS will not approve the extension of stay request and I will have to travel abroad to apply for my new H1B visa. Since it is legal for him to stay in the US to wait for the appeal result, is it OK for him to apply for an H-4 visa or another H-1B visa with a new company at this point? Answer 8: If the appeal is approved, then your friend will be fine.

Meanwhile in 2000 I transferred my H1, which is valid up to 11/30/2003.

I revalidated my passport and my wife's passport at the same time in 2001.

Out of Status/Job Termination Question 4: I was laid off 10 days ago.

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S., whether your visa stamp in the passport has expired or not.Question 1: Can you please tell me what it takes to qualify for an H-1B Visa?Answer 1: H-1B Visas are available for individuals coming to the United States to perform temporary work in “specialty occupations.” To be eligible for a temporary H-1B work visa, an individual must have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as well as seek to work in a related specialty occupation.A professional position is one in which professional knowledge and background is essential to its performance.Lawyers, architects, physicians, engineers, teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools and colleges, as well as other professionals work in specialty occupations. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced on Feb.

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