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The Lockheed-Tata deal is contingent upon the Indian Air Force (IAF) selecting and buying the F-16 fighter, but Indian media sources said the government has not made any decision on the US jet, which earlier lost out to French company Dassault's Rafale fighter jets."Contingent upon (the) US and Indian government agreement and approval, F-16 Block 70 aircraft would be produced exclusively in India," said a Lockheed Martin statement to the BBC.India is already using Russia's upgraded Mi G29SMTs and naval version of Mi G29Ks, while it is a partner in the Russian Sukhoi T-50 Pak FA stealth fighter program.The IAF's global procurement of single-engine fighters stems from its failure to acquire 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft from Dassault, which eventually came down to 36 fighter jets in ready-to-use mode.They, more importantly, build strategic partnerships," Harsh V.

New Delhi (Sputnik) — The joint statement issued after the first meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump hasn't said a word about the deal, which is being touted as a watershed development in India-US defense cooperation, by many.This is where he lived with the gaming band Team Crafted popular on You Tube. What is known about Post Malone’s girlfriend Ashley?As of 2018, he lives in LA and is focused on pursuing his musical career. All his fans know is that he remains very faithful to her since they’ve met when Ashley booked him to do a show at one nightclub. Yes, the rapper has Jewish roots, but they don’t prevent him from writing and singing great Rap songs. He is white (which is surprising for most rappers), and he has Jewish roots. Yes, he likes helping other rappers and bands to popularize their music and takes part in many projects.The singer signed a contract with Republic Records and keeps recording more music, such as “Too Young” (another popular song).His fans recognize him because of gold teeth and braids in his hair, and this rapper is white. Father: He often says that his father is credited for his long for music because he exposed his son to different genres whilst growing him up.

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