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In addition to ACS approved and non-approved bachelor's degrees, the department also offers several masters' degree tracks and a biochemistry minor. W&M chemistry student awarded Goldwater Scholarship The Goldwater Foundation has announced that William & Mary student Christopher Travis ‘19 has been named a Goldwater Scholar.Ruth Ann Beaver ‘20 was also named an Honorable Mention.The study of chemistry has a long and rich history at the College of William & Mary, with references dating back to Thomas Jefferson.Today the Chemistry Department offers one of the nation's premier undergraduate programs, ranking nationally amongst the top programs in the number of degrees approved by the American Chemical Society, and typically producing more majors every year than any other predominantly undergraduate institution in the country.

In August 2016 Bridges wrote an op-ed for the responding to a tough-love letter by University of Chicago dean of students John Ellison that had warned incoming freshman that "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces" for the easily psychically bruised wouldn't be forthcoming at Chicago. Evergreen State, founded in 1967 in the state capital, Olympia, a waterfront city of about 50,000 at the bottom of Puget Sound, 60 miles south of Seattle, was part of a 1960s wave of brand-new college campuses, many of them publicly funded, that aimed to serve an expanding baby boom population and also to experiment with nontraditional models of post-secondary education.Weinstein later described himself to Carlson as a "deeply progressive person" who had supported socialist-leaning Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential primaries. Their greeting, also captured in a video, had been: "F— you, George, we don't want to hear a God-damned thing you have to say." One protester had demanded that Bridges "disavow white supremacy." Bridges had meekly agreed: "I will disavow white supremacy." Bridges assumed the presidency of Evergreen State only in the fall of 2015, after serving for 10 years as president of Whitman College, a small, well-regarded liberal-arts institution serving 1,500 students in Walla Walla, Washington.But the Evergreen students captured in the May 23 video were having nothing to do with Weinstein's attempts to lift the conversation to a high-minded, fancy-word "dialectic" plane: "This is useless! A sociologist by training, he specialized academically in studying racial disparities in the sentencing of criminal defendants, thus burnishing his liberal credentials.The school's motto is—no joke—: Let it all hang out.Some students have clearly thrived in the campus's do-your-own-thing atmosphere, on its thousand-acre waterfront campus that combines towering eponymous fir trees with concrete-overloaded Brutalist architecture.

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