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Between those and Resident Evil, I'm going to be set back a good amount of money. Check My List: [H] Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Joy-Con Neon Red/Blue, Charging Grip, Zelda Bot W Special/Master Editions, NES Classic Edition, Funko Pop [W] Pay Pal Lowball Auction: Coming Soon! I have to get it anyway, but it helps that it looks really nice.

And I'm shocked that the SB of Suicide Squad is still available, but I still see it sitting on the shelf.

Also, we have another Justice League movie coming up, Justice League Dark.

Anyone heard anything about a Target SB for it, since we've had numerous ones from them in the past that were JL SBs?

I'm at 4,166 now, so if I redeem 5,000 right now on something I think I'll qualify for a bonus 5,000 points (cardholder exclusive). That offer ends 3/31 so I better do it now Edited by ssjmichael, 31 March 2012 - AM. I bought MLB 12: The Show (PS3) with my 4,166 points plus out of pocket to make up the difference (stupid taxes too!

North America (USA/Canada) Assassin's Creed (Best Buy) - 3/21/17 Assassin's Creed: 4K Ultra HD (Best Buy) - 3/21/17 Beauty and the Beast (Best Buy) - TBA Ghost In The Shell (1995) Mondo - 3/14/17 (Amazon) Deepwater Horizon (Target) - 1/10/17 Doctor Strange (Best Buy) - 2/28/17 Doctor Strange (Best Buy Canada) - 2/28/17 Doctor Strange 3D (Best Buy) - 2/28/17 Doctor Strange 3D (Best Buy Canada) - 2/28/17 Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: 4K Ultra HD (Best Buy) - 4/11/17 Fifty Shades Darker (Best Buy) - TBA Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol.

You don't actually have to play, just hit the Share link found on the page (under the game window) login to get 50 points, share on fb for another 200: Get Up to 250 Points by playing the White House Down game.

(credit to the folks at for some of these codes) ============================================================================ Get up to 250 points for playing the Elysium game.Each point = 0.01 in their store, so essentially this is like getting .20 for free (so far). I like the idea of indicating what's been added recently.Plus another good thing about their reward site is you can buy additional points if you don't have enough (again at 0.01 a point). They used to have way more opportunities to get points, mostly from playing their Jeaopardy games. Here is the other thread forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php? t=195446Added these two from that site Why is it taking so long to get a confirmation email? I added the moneyball code and put a date next to it too. I do own a PS2 steelbook though, it still looks good, but never again. on the other hand, I'll have two months to think about it before TDK steelbooks begin to ship. The cases will rub on each other, and if you want to pull it out youll have stretches on the bottom. It's still available at amazon.de, but bad reviews keep me from adding it to my collection.

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