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You can test True Key out with the free version which stores 15 logins and for .99 per year you can get unlimited passwords.True Key is still fairly new so we’re still getting user feedback from this password manager.Compatible with: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Android, i OS, Mac, Windows We’ve researched a number of password managers and we know all too well that it can be overwhelming to decide which one to pick.

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The basic version of Lastpass is free, so you don’t have to make a commitment before you try it. The added services are multifactor authentication, desktop application passwords and shared folders with customized permissions. Admins have the ability to enforce password requirements, share sites with individuals and teams and track system activity.

However, since price is a factor, I would go with Lastpass since it’s less expensive.

Lastpass does basically everything Dashlane does it just doesn’t work as smoothly and you may incur some hiccups.

All of us have these online accounts with login details we can’t keep straight.

We’re told never to use the same password twice but how are we supposed to remember them all?!

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