Online dating with yours

What’s life if we did not do weird stuff to keep ourselves entertained?

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But the conversation had a good flow and we talked each other into meeting up at 3AM because we were both night owls.

I made it clear that it will not be a hook up though I secretly hoped I’d get to do both brothers. When we finally got to meeting at 3AM at a a few hours after Date No.42, to my disappointment, I did not have an ounce of attraction towards the dude. So I decided to spill the beans – that I hooked up with his brother a year back and man, we did have a good laugh through the date.

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The profile is designed to determine what type of person you would be attracted to and share common interests. The F was nothing to shout about other than the fact that he had a whole lot of energy, but that ain’t no surprise considering he was a whooping 7 years younger than I am! Here’s a life lesson to all you Tinderers/singles out there – Do not, I repeat, do not take your date out to a place where you know your friends hang out. I’ve never believed in turning up at a stranger’s home, but Mr 34 was a hot, young model from Bosnia. Well, I had been chatting with him on and off for about 2-3 years, deep conversations about life, had a whole circle of mutual friends.. So when he booty called while I was having drinks with Date No.25 (we were friends), I agreed to turn up at his doorstep (he lived down the road). When we got to meet for burgers, I swear the dude has gotta be at least 10 years older than his photos. DATE No.37 I have loads of mutual friends with German mixed Italian Mr 37 who ran his own business in KL. We texted for a whole 7 hours when we first matched and agreed to meet that week.According to him, it was obvious we had a history – “it’s a mix between comfy and awkward, surprised and nervous, familiar and distant, yet close”. It was just amazing that the date was saved by his friends. DATE No.41 That week, I told Kurt that since I’ve tried importing Tinder dates from other countries, I wanted to export myself out to meet a dude.I met up with Finn a couple of days later and fooled around like horny teenagers in the car. DATE No.38 Australian mixed Italian, personal trainer/gym manager was 3 years younger, a divorced dad of 3 at the ripe young age of 21! Me: Oh *asks some random questions* Him: You didn’t say I’m not disturbing you!! We had like 5 casual dates (no making out/hooking up) till I just couldn’t take it anymore. I obviously have got no balls for that shit so I decided to meet someone who’s based in another country so that I could go there for a F-cation.

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