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Sitting in his ultra-cool, art-filled suite — whiskers, dark glasses, ubiquitous hat — Stewart laughs: 'Sane? 'We're creating an un-bank,' he says, showing me the app on his phone.'We will give them easy access to their money — everything from their latest credit card accounts to their royalty statements and touring expenses.

The advice we offer will help new bands to ensure they don't sign stupid deals and get ripped off.'Then he adds, like any conventional dad: 'All you want to know is that your children are OK.

By her remarkable beauty, with her tall, slender figure (she was about 5 feet 11 inches), her red-gold hair and amber-coloured eyes, and her taste for music and poetry, Mary summed up the contemporary ideal of the Renaissance princess at the time of her marriage to Francis, eldest son of Henry and Catherine, in April 1558.

Although it was a political match aimed at the union of France and Scotland, Mary was sincerely fond of her boy husband, though the marriage was probably never consummated.

Today, in London for a week from his home in Los Angeles, he is also talking about his new protege Hollie Stephenson, a 17-year-old English singer-songwriter, plus a bank he is about to launch for creatives called FAB or First Artists Bank — and he's writing his memoirs. He discovered Hollie via Facebook aged just 12, when she wrote her first song.

'Listening to it, it took me about 20 seconds to know that she knows how to write a good song,' he says. It's been quite a journey from scruffy musician who shared a squat with Annie, to multi-millionaire, modern-day Renaissance man. How has he — after all the drugs in the early days — remained sane? With FAB — a global community bank to help artists in music, film, TV and theatre — he is in partnership with Michael Philipp, former chairman of Credit Suisse.

A pilot show will be made by the American network NBC in the autumn and if anyone can make the idea work, it's Stewart.

who has one of those brains that just fizzes with creativity, firing off ideas and juggling multiple projects simultaneously.

They resumed their search on Sunday morning after suspending it at 5.30pm on Saturday when water conditions became too rough. 'The current in the Hudson River is very strong and we believe the current played a role in the kayak capsizing, and once the two got in the water it was difficult for them to stay together.And just before her 16th birthday, Hollie and her mum Shirley flew to LA to record her first single, Pointless Rebellion, with Stewart. Mary, byname Mary, Queen of Scots, original name Mary Stuart or Mary Stewart, (born December 8, 1542, Linlithgow Palace, West Lothian, Scotland—died February 8, 1587, Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire, England), queen of Scotland (1542–67) and queen consort of France (1559–60).All that gossip, Stewart insists, is the opposite of the truth. 'She's a huge chunk of my life, we wrote so many songs together.It's amazing, actually, to have been a couple for five years, then a duo, and here we are, 38 years later, still friends and in regular touch.

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    1911, Jack Slavin relaxes on an outing with son Frank, daughter-in-law Margaret (Entler), and grandchildren Russell, Kenneth, and Francis "Spike" Slavin. Shge married James Sheridan in Barclay, Pennsylvania, in 1873. In 1915 this group gathered-- William and Adeline Slavens, who had moved to the Waukee, Iowa, area in 1914, some of their children and grandchildren, and "shirt-tail" relatives of Adeline's. This is most likely his senior photo, which would have been taken in the fall of 1937. The photo is backstamped by a photographer in Little Rock, Arkansas; Jesse was mustered out of the 10th Iowa Infantry in Little Rock on August 15, 1865. More information on Lawrence can be found with the photo by following the link above. The William Cochran family poses for a photo in 1909, likely at their home in central Michigan. The twelve children of James and Rachael (Brown) Slaven gathered for a group photo at the time of their mother's death in April 1944. Maureen (Cochran) Place shared some photos of her family. Nina, born in Ravenswood in October 1881, lived to be 103. Keith Garvin, who shared the photo of his grand-uncle and aunt, is seeking more information on the Slevin family. Linda is looking for Lucinda's parents; some think it may be one of the families who had been living in Sevier County, Arkansas, during the 1840's (John or Robert Slaven). Thanks to Linda and to Mark Bowlby for sharing the photo. Sharon Meadows shares this photo of her husband's great-grandfather, John Alvis Slaven, his grandmother Florence Slaven, and her siblings, taken near Whitley City, Mc Creary County, Kentucky, in 1936. Charles Slavens was a son of Reuben and Sally (Kinnison) Slavens, and a pioneer resident of Pike County, Ohio. Elizabeth Slavens Peters and her daughters are pictured in a portrait sometime around 1890. Mattie Slavens Noel was a daughter of William Fletcher Slavens and Frances Ann Mc Coy, and a sister of Thomas Jefferson Slavens and Lucy Slavens Elsberry Britton of Audrain County, Missouri. More on John Oscar Slaven(s) Smith can be found on the Miscellaneous page. Jeff was one of James's brothers (sons of Absalom and Betty Woods Slaven) and settled in western Indiana, so a visit to the banks of the Wabash would be a possibility. (Jeff and Barzilla's photo is farther down this page.) Thanks to Sheri Vigil for the photo. Emily (Williams) Slaven, in a portrait taken circa 1902.

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