Nursing students dating med students

Because of me, she was fully investigated; I can’t imagine how horrible that must have been for her.

Three weeks following that surgery, I found out my abdominal wounds weren’t healing and my incision opened in four separate areas, exposing my abdominal wall. In order to encourage healing of these deep wounds, I had to “heal by granulation.” I had to keep the wounds irritated, cleaning them with medicated soaps and rough gauze 2-3 times a day.

Stadol was usually ordered for short term pain relief in recovery rooms of hospitals, so it was considered perfect for my dressing changes. The Drug Becomes Master My abdominal healing took two years.

During that time, Stadol slowly gained control of my life.

My doctor prescribed Stadol nasal spray for my dressing changes; it still hurt, but the Stadol made it more tolerable.

No one knew Stadol was addictive and should be treated as a controlled substance. As I healed, I continued using Stadol for the dressing changes as prescribed; I’m not exactly sure when the physical pain actually ended and my of being in the pain began to drive my continued use.

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