Nursing students dating med students

Scientific research has found that actual chemical changes occur in the pleasure/reward area of the brain with repeated use of narcotics.This area is also responsible for human survival instincts.

Nurses see instant relief—both physical and emotional--in their patients’ when pain medication is given.Diversion Begins When I was working in Labor and Delivery, the dose of Stadol required for our patients was half of what was available in the vial.This meant that we would have partial vials of Stadol leftover.Two years after using Stadol as prescribed, I had major abdominal surgery.Three weeks following that surgery, I found out my abdominal wounds weren’t healing and my incision opened in four separate areas, exposing my abdominal wall. In order to encourage healing of these deep wounds, I had to “heal by granulation.” I had to keep the wounds irritated, cleaning them with medicated soaps and rough gauze 2-3 times a day.

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