Numb3rs charlie and amita start dating

When Charlie tried to make their relationship more serious, Amita mentions the Harvard job and that she doesn't know what she wants to do.Amita and Charlie decide to try to make a relationship work after Amita chooses to stay in California.She has at least one job during her high school years working at The Gap clothing store.She states she was active in sports during high school intramural events.Several months later it is clear Amita and Charlie are successfully living together. Charlie and Amita announce their engagement to Alan and Don after Charlie asks Amita's parents for permission.Both Charlie and Amita are surprised to discover Larry, Alan and Don have all independently figured out their plans to marry.According to Larry Fleinhardt, she is one of the best coders in campus and her image enhancement algorithms are kept on hand at the LA FBI office. In mid 2006 Amita tells Charlie she has been offered an assistant professorship in mathematics at Harvard.

Her parents move back to India in 2007 to consult with the Indian Ministry of Finance.Her thesis adviser for her computer science degree is Dr.Charlie Eppes, her adviser for her Astrophysics degree is Dr. She has recently started teaching classes for Dr Kepler dealing with the structure and dynamics of galaxies.She is surprised when Charlie seems to takes the fact she withheld the information as something more serious.: Amita has been working on her first Ph D in Computer Science since roughly 2003.

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