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)." She also said that at a show a guy threw a lit cigarette at her and that their roadies took him outside and beat him up; "THAT'S rock and roll", she said. After the Runaways bit the dust Ford tried to reinvent herself as a heavy metal slut who played the guitar, she adopted the haystack hair that so many male heavy metal rock stars had and posed seductively in photos with the guitar as a prop.I don't think she ever achieved a lot of success, probably because she has so little talent and never really was much to look at. Persistence pays off I don't have any gossip per se, but I have met the following (as well as others requested in the previous thread): Members of Vixen Duran Duran (1990s edition) KISSThe Vixen ladies were very friendly. They were pretty in that mid-to-late 80s rocker chick way.I was young and they were grown women, so we didn't have much to say to one another. Met them twice during the "Thank You" tour, I believe.I met them before one of the shows and took quick pictures with them. They cam back for a small club show with Melle Mel.The show picked up when Melle Mel took the stage for an explosive old school of "White Lines." After the show, we ran off to congratulate Melle Mel and to commemorate the evening with another photo session.

I'll try to post about KISS later if anyone is interested. 8 with her biggest hit, "Close My Eyes Forever", a duet with Ozzy Osbourne. I remember Lita appearing on Canada's Muchmusic channel in 1987, when she was promoting the "Kiss Me Deadly" single.

Laughing, we explained the situation to her after which she exclaimed : "No no no no no! Remember that poor young lady with Mike Tyson, she probably thought she was just going to talk with him." And then she escorted me out of the hotel!

Later, at the club show, Duran Duran put on a boring show, having tried to transform their new wave 80s hits into 90s grunge.

The Laurel Canyon party ended with cocaine and the Wonderland murders..."Lita Ford gossip, please."When the Runaways were just starting to get some attention Crawdaddy Magazine (remember Crawdaddy Magazine? The cover photo revealed the new jailbait sex symbols as a bunch of relatively ordinary-looking teenage girls. Well, what I remember from that article (it was written by a creepy idiot named Charles M.

Jackie Fox and Sandy West were downright unprepossessing. Cherie Currie looked like she was under the influence of something and probably was. Young who was smitten with the slutty teenagers; he said he was "in love with all five of them.") is this.

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