Nirvana nyc speed dating

She was totally obsessed with him but after the big night, not so much. Though I think it probably had to do with being so young (she was around 21 at the time) and naive.

She probably thought that they'd fall in love or something.

It featured of close-up photo of Ford's crotch; she was wearing ragged Daisy Duke shorts that revealed her red underwear (well, at least she was wearing some).

It quoted her asying she liked "fucking" and playing the guitar and that they were "related in a way (?

" To which Melle Mel responded, "She's with me." To which Simon responded, "Oh sorry, I didn't know you were with Mel." And he walked off.My friends and I lined up to meet them at a record store autograph session.Photos were not permitted at the session so I casually told them that I knew where they were staying and that I'd be waiting for them outside to take said pictures.Mention of speedfreak Lemmy reminded me of a story about Motorhead around the time of their 'No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith' tour (which became a great live album).The band made a pact with each other to not bathe/wash at all nor change any of their clothes or underwear for the whole tour - through dozens of sweaty concerts, boozy afterparties and speed-riddled tour bus antics.

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