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- Mary Cora Morgan, born born ; died ; married , William P.

- Helen Mullis, born ; died - Nancy Mullis; married Edwin Chuck Johnson - Charles C.

You are inside of the box, naughty creature, and there you shall stay!

Discharged at end of trip & went back to USA on a British Liner: White Star.

- Kelly Martin Mc Kean, born , Riverside, Riverside, California; died , Florence, Boone, Kentucky; [] - [Jesse Mc Kean; Shaun Mc Kean; Kade Mc Kean; (sons; all of St.

friend, close friend, buddy (informal), mate (informal), pal, comrade, chum (informal), mucker (Brit.

informal), bosom friend, familiar, confidant or confidante, (constant) companion that some great and universally interesting event had occurred; all eyes, all thoughts, were occupied with the young and beautiful woman, whose gorgeous apparel and splendid jewels made a most extraordinary spectacle.

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    On December 19, 2002, Romo became the first player in Eastern Illinois and Ohio Valley Conference history to win the Walter Payton Award, given annually to the top Division I-AA football player.

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    Some of the most elaborate prehistoric artwork exists in caves in France known as Lascaux Grotto and Chauvet-Pont d’Arc.