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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was prcscrvod for gcncrations on library shclvcs bcforc it was carcfully scannod by Google as pari of a projcct to make the world's books discoverablc online. What a treat it is to get home and lock myself in my own room — the tiniest and safest nook in all Rockmount — and spurt out my wrath in the blackest of ink with the boldest of pens. (query, who can I be blessing, for nobody will ever read this), does it matter? Why must they hold themselves tied and bound with horrible chains of etiquette even at the age of seventyl Why caxmot he say, "Gfirifif" — no, of course \ie ^o\i\Ä. "young ladies^ -^ "I had &r rather stay at hörne — go you and enjoy yourselves;" or better still, "go, two o£ yott — but I want Bora.'' No, he never will say that He never did want any of us mucb ; me less than any.It has survived long enough for the Copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. I am neither eldest nor youngest, neitber Miss Johnston nor Miss Xiisabel — only Miss Dora — Theodora — "the gift of Qod," as my little bit of Greek taugbt me. I declare, since I was a baby, sinee I was a little solitary ugly child, wondering if ever I had a motber like otber cbildren, since even I have been a woman grown, I never have been able to find out Well, I suppose it is no use to try to alter tbing B. They think the grand climax of existence is "society;" he thinks the same — at least for young women, propeily introduced, escorted and protected there. '' And now it is all gone by we have peace again; and this 20th of September, 1856, I begin with my birthday a new Journal — (capital one, too, with a first-rate lock and key, saved out of my summer bonnet, which I didn't buy).and did not tbeir noble swords lie idle at tbis moment on tbat safest resting-place — Mrs. I watcbed tbe scene out of my corner, in a »täte of dreamy amusement; mingled witb a vague curiosity as A LIFE FOB A lil FB. For safety, I ran after, and aitaeked the good old lady on one of her weak points. All moming have we been driving about that horrid region into which our beautiftd, desolate moor has been trans- mogrified; round and round, up and down, in at the south camp and out at the north camp; du-ected hither and thither by muddlfe-headed privates; stared at by puppyish young officers; choked with chimney-smoke ; jölted over roads laid with ashes — or no roads at all — and pestered everywhere with the sight of lounging, lazy, red groups, — that color is becoming to me a perfect eye-sore! I wish there were no necessity for it; and have suggested as strongly as I could that we should stay at home. Oh, why cannot people say what they mean and do as they wish!

Strangers at a ball have rarely anything to say worth saying or heai^ ing. Papa's white head was visible in a distant doorway; for the girls, they had long since vanished in the whirligig.

Maintain attribution Tht Goog X'S "watermark" you see on each flle is essential for informingpcoplcabout this projcct andhclping them lind additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are lesponsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Moralists say, it is in every woman's power to be, in measnre, all three: that when she is not liked or admired — by some few at least — it is a sign that she is neither likeable nor admirable. Lis would apply the same expression to a gnat on her wrist, or a dagger pointed at her heart. " Now I never was — never shall be — an amiable woman.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. To retum to the ball — and really I would not mind retuming to it and having it all over again, which is more than one can say of many hours in our lives, especially of those which roll on, rapidly as hours seem to roll, after five-and-twenty. Large, well-lit rooms, fi Ued with well-dressed people; we do not often make such a goodly show in our country entertainments ; but then the Grantons know everybody, and invite everybody. Granton, and "my Colin/ wbo, if be has not three "pexmywotöa. bwii^, ha B the kindest heart and the heax^iest püurse in tbe wbole neighbourhood. Graaton must have feit proud of her handsome iwte of rooms, quite a perambidatory parterre, boastmg all tbe bues of tbe rainbow, subdued by tbe proper compleineiit of inevitable blaek.

I caught at times a glimpse of Penelope's rose-clouds of tarlatan, her pale face, and ever-smiling white teeth, that contrast ill with her restless black eyes — it is always rather pain M to me to watch my eldest sister at parties.

And now and then Miss Lisabel came floating, moon-like, through the room, almost obscuring young slender Captain Treheme, who yet appeared quite content in his occultation.

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