Mt4 charts not updating

It may happen due to Meta Trader's behavior - sometimes when your platform losses connection while publishing the statement, the publisher gets stuck and the only solution is to restart Meta Trader - there's not much we can do on our end.

, however this enters a gray, if not black zone, as Meta Quotes, Inc., postulated the Server/Terminal protocol to be a protected IP and any attempt to reverse-engineer they consider an unlawfull violation of their rights and could cause legal consequences, so be carefull on stepping there.

mt4 charts not updating-51

Previously indicators were uploaded by saving them straight to the MT4’s indicator file, however it is done slightly different now so please follow the instructions below carefully and if you have any questions, then please put them in the comments below with a correct email address so you will be notified when you receive a reply and also so that if I need to send you a longer reply I can just email it to you (your email address is not published on the website).For Windows: First you have to make hidden files visible of your system.Then follow these directories to the end to get access to the terminal in order to remove that indicator: Local Disk (C:) @Binary1, it's totally normal and you don't have to re-intall MT4 platform everytime.How do i manage to stop MT4 from freezing/ not responding ? I uploaded a new Indicator into my charts and now my MT4 seems to have frozen.I cant even get into the indicators file to remove the new indicator. I had this problem once before but i was fortunate enough to be able to close MT4 reopen it and lucky enough that unfroze for me to be able to make a copy of my Templates and Indicators on a old Computer.

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