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Today's Inuit must compete in the modern economic world instead of the world of nature.While some Inuit have adjusted to the new way of life, unemployment, suicide and addiction are major problems.The region is often called the Land of the Midnight Sun because at a certain point of the year the sun can be seen for twenty-four hours.At the North Pole, the sun never sets for six months from about March 20 to September 23. Their homeland stretches from the northeastern tip of Russia across Alaska and northern Canada to parts of Greenland .Inuit refers to the people formerly called Eskimos.The singular of Inuit is Inuk, which means 'person'.

The kayak and the umiak have given way to motor boats, the snowmobile has replaced the dog team.

On top of all that, industrial and nuclear pollution are poisoning their traditional homelands and food sources.

Hunting techniques and harvesting patterns have changed drastically over the past several decades.

The modern Inuit can now hunt with much more ease than their ancestors.

Only recently have land claim agreements been signed, allowing the aboriginal peoples a hold a legal claim to what they have always considered to be thei land.

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