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When your house, family, marriage, friendships, business, and church have a united vision and a focus anchored on a greater cause, there is a great sense of stability and security because everyone knows where he or she is heading, and people have something to follow.A House Divided Has Divided Loyalties Jesus had a disloyal friend named Judas whose divided loyalty caused him to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.He is the type of friend Proverbs describes this way: “The man of many friends [a friend of all the world] will prove himself a bad friend” (AMP, brackets in original).Proverbs is saying that people who try to be loyal to everyone actually are not good friends to anyone.This is completely different from those who come into the house of God thinking about how people in the church can help them build their businesses.At Hillsong’s profile has gained recognition, people have come who have tried to utilize the leverage of our church’s name by attaching it to their business or ministry.You would be astounded at how creative some people can be.We have become well versed in discerning wrong motives. I was treated differently at school and in the community when people found out that my dad was a prominent pastor in our part of the world.

Division in the case of a church will minimize that church’s impact, but division will also negatively affect the people of that church as they are pulled to and fro, unsure whose vision to follow and what cause they are contributing to.When the church is functioning the way God intends, it can be heaven. A house divided does not necessarily mean the people are fighting and punching each other around the communion table, or that a husband and wife are pitching plates and vases at each other. But in a house (be it a church or a home) where the people are empowered, released, and have a sense of vision and leadership that inspires, people will flourish.A divided house is one that is going different directions. A single vision united around a cause, be it in a church, a marriage, a family, or a workplace, will help guard against division.Failure to do so would put our church at risk and thwart our ability to serve the cause and the kingdom of God effectively.Take, for example, a businessperson who is using his or her gifts and connections to be a blessing to the house of God.

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