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The southern area is heavily residential, with centralized light commercial and light industrial areas. The central part of Merritt Island, previously known as Merritt City, In 1605, Spanish explorer Alvaro Mexia visited while on a diplomatic mission to the local tribes living in the Indian River area. Merritt Island is the prominent island on a color map he drew of the area, a copy of which is in the archives at the Library of Congress and the archives in Seville, Spain.In April 1788, French botanist André Michaux traveled in Merritt Island, near Cape Canaveral. He wrote a letter on April 24, 1788 from St Augustine.Migratory birds join the more resident wildlife, including alligators, manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, bald eagles, ospreys, bobcats, and the elusive Florida panther.

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26.8% of households were solely individuals and 11.4% had a lone resident of 65 or older.

Merritt Island is a census-designated place in Brevard County, Florida, located on the eastern Floridian coast, along the Atlantic Ocean.

As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 34,743.

Merritt Island is still considered a natural island.

To the west and south it is separated by the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.

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