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I might as well read Marriage Heat and avoid all the crap that’s out there. My sexuality can take it’s natural course guilt free.

The porn and media I’ve been trying to be satisfied from always leaves you lacking a connection.

Marriage Heat welcomes the opportunity to help singles “get off”” on monogamous sex.

Can Masturbation by Christian Singles be done too much?

The amount of guilt and shame I was under because of “religion” should be enough for me to sue them! But about once a month I would wake up in the middle of the night masterbating! I really just felt it was really unhealthy to be so uncomfortable with my body. I had been talking to Jesus about this for a while and decided I just needed to trust Him and that if I was wrong I had to trust Him anyways. As far as the attraction to men that’s been interesting.

How was sex going to work once I got married and was terrified/guilt burdened about my sexuality! It’s just law if you are just looking for a set of rules and not trusting Him to teach you “No”. As I continue to get healthier (mature) emotionally and spiritually that becomes less of a problem.

I’d always liked girls before but found out guys really turned me on too (daddy issues, don’t label me though! I explored other venues of getting off and even sex chatted online (what was that called again? Had crushes on girls and guys but never did anything besides try to get a buddy to do stuff one night without his knowledge on a trip (sin screws you up, right!

Marriage Heat will publish this comment as a post about the Christian Singles Masturbation journey. As a single guy I’ve been looking for a healthy way to explore my sexuality and not have to read a bunch of worldly views or worse watch them!!!I think the shame and fear of it is what really drove a lot of it.In the past with all the Christian purity stuff I’ve read and with some of the daddy issues I’ve had I felt bad about thinking of and being attracted to girls.It’s a waste of time because I really want a love connection and no porn will give you that. As a pastor, I applaud your understanding of masturbation.This website has been encouraging me that I can be loved emotionally and sexually in a healthy biblical marriage. Christian singles should not go on this site, It will corrupt them into sin. This site promotes having a healthy sex imagination for marriage.

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