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Then the court goes forward with scheduling the next steps in the divorce (such as mediation and/or hearings before the court).

However, a federal law can change the normal court time schedule and deadlines if one party is on active duty.

The law typically allows for the filing of a divorce in the state where either the husband or the wife has a legal residence.

Generally, when one spouse "serves" divorce papers on the other spouse, the responding spouse must file a formal response, or “answer,” within a specific number of days.

Is there predictive significance in the choice of his gift? Whether there should be -- or not -- is a separate question.

A man may hate the institution of Valentine's Day as an irrelevant commercial distraction -- but when dating the woman of his dreams, he will choose trying to make her happy with a romantic gesture over standing on principle.

When it seems they finally made it, the Video Princess plots her revenge.

COMPLETE Harm and Mac went to separate ends of the world and never stayed in touch.

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