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Knute Rockne reassembled his Four Horsemen along with the stars of his 1924 Championship squad and told them to score early, then defend.

Rockne, like much of the public, thought little of pro football and expected an easy win.

Stephen Colbert planned to spend Monday night’s monologue making fun of Donald Trump for the bizarre trade war he initiated on Twitter over the weekend, but pivoted when former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg appeared all over cable news Monday evening talking trash about other Trump staffers and Trump himself, while claiming he would not comply with Robert Mueller grand jury subpoena.

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In 1930, there were still many who questioned the quality of the professional game, claiming the college "amateurs" played with more intensity than professionals.

Arrest me.” And Colbert had an apt comparison for that strange dare. That’s like saying ‘eat me’ to Hannibal Lecter,” Colbert joked.

This article is about the current American football team.

In December 1930, the Giants played a team of Notre Dame All Stars at the Polo Grounds to raise money for the unemployed of New York City.

It was also an opportunity to establish the skill and prestige of the pro game.

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