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C., The George Washington University Cuevas, Teresita, University of Delaware Culen, Gerald R., University of Florida Culpepper, Miniard, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cumming, Sean P., University of Washington Cummings, Jason, California Polytechnic State University Curry, Elizabeth, Kansas State University Cuthill, Michael, University of Queensland Cutucache, Christine E., University of Nebraska Omaha D' Eloia, Melissa H., California State University – Long Beach Dale, Timothy M., University of Wisconsin Green Bay Daly, Jennifer, University of Rhode Island Damhorst, Mary Lynn, Iowa State University Daryani, Ritesh, Seattle Pacific University Davis, Jamie M., Oregon State University Davis, Jamie, Oregon State University Davis, Katie, University of Washington Dawson, Patricia, Oregon State University Dawson, Patricia A., Oregon State University de Guzman, Maria Rosario T., Department of Child, Youth & Family Studies University of Nebraska-Lincoln de Guzman, Maria Rosario T., University of Nebraska-Lincoln de la Rosa, Iván A., New Mexico State University Dearing, Eric, University of Wyoming De Bates, Debra A., South Dakota State University Defore, Amber B., University of Georgia Extension Service Del Sesto, Sandra Puerini, Initiatives for Human Development Delahanty, Terrence J., Independent Consultant Denissen Cunnien, Kari, Ignite Afterschool Minnesota's Afterschool Network (United States) Dennis, Lisa M., University of Maryland Deringer, Nancy C., University of Idaho De Silva, Angela M., Boston College Dewitt, Corbin, Oklahoma State University Diaz, Elizabeth M., Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network Dick, Jeff, The Ohio State University Extension, Williams County Dick, Jeff, Ohio State University Extension Diem, Keith G., Oregon State University Extension Service Digby, Janel K., Elmwood Local Schools - Bloomdale, OH Dino, Geri, West Virginia University School of Public Health Dirga, Ali Ann Y., Willamette University Dodd, Courtney F., Texas A&M Agri Life Extension Service Dolenc, Brooke, Oregon State University Dolenc, Nathan R., University of Virginia Donnermeyer, Joseph, The Ohio State University Dorsen, Jennifer, Education Development Center Dotterer, Aryn, Purdue University Du, Dan, Tufts University Duda, Stefanie L., University of Florida, IFAS Extension, Leon County Duerden, Mat D., Brigham Young University Duerden, Mat, Department of Recreation Management, Brigham Young University Duerden, Mat D., Texas A&M University Duerst, Donna J., University of Wisconsin – Extension Rock County Duncan, Dennis W., The University of Georgia, Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication Duncan, Dennis W., University of Georgia Dunn, Elizabeth G., Impact LLC Durantaye, Michel De La, University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres Durden, Tonia R., University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Dworkin, Jodi Dworkin, Jodi, Department of Family Social Science University of Minnesota Dworkin, Jodi, University of Minnesota Dyehouse, Melissa, Purdue University Dymnicki, Allison B., American Institutes for Research Eames-Sheavly, Marcia, Cornell University Eason, Marcus, University of Georgia Edberg, M.C., The George Washington University Edwards, Michael B., Texas A&M University Eighmy, Myron A., North Dakota State University Eldridge, Galen, Montana State University Eldridge, Galen, Montana State University Extension Ellis, Gary D., Texas A&M University Ergüner-Tekinalp, Bengü, Drake University Ernst, Julie, University of Minnesota Duluth Eschenauer, Robert, St.

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to find a fire involving an interior wall and the roof - fire was likely caused by equipment being used in recent renovation work to transform the plant into a film studio - cutting or welding equipment were noted as the likely ignition site - there were no injuries reported at the three-alarm fire - only a small area of the roof was primarily affected) (a demolition crew's torch sparked the blaze that ripped through a small, unused warehouse at a prominent food processing plant about p.m.

- the uninsured building was set to be demolished, and crews cutting metal inside apparently ignited a flammable material inside - much of the building's roof collapsed during the blaze, but no injuries were reported) (a fire at a high-rise started by some welding work has been extinguished and no injuries have been reported - while there was no evacuation of the building, about 100 people who were in the lobby when firefighters arrived were temporarily directed to nearby Union Station by fire personnel - the fire was started by welders doing work at the building, which "got the insulation going" in the building) (it was actually crews working to fix up the World War II relic that accidentally started the fire - investigators believe it started in the lower deck chief's bathroom when a spark from welding equipment grew to quickly engulf a canvas tarp and then life jackets - the welders isolated the room, saving the rest of the ship, but posing a problem for firefighters) (an explosion at a water plant killed one person and seriously injured two others - a crew was performing hurricane repairs on the roof of the Water Treatment Plant before the explosion - worker was apparently using a cutting torch when chemicals underneath the roof ignited - one of the patients transported to Medical Center was burned over 100 percent of his body - the other victims had burns to 80 percent of their bodies - police said a worker was using a blowtorch near methanol and sodium sulfate tanks when one of the tanks exploded) (two men employed with a fencing company have been charged with reckless damage in connection with a welding incident that sparked a 100-acre wildfire - they had a spotter, but did not have any water available to put out a fire) (a maintenance worker, 40, died and the plant's lead maintenance manager, 59, died at the scene - maintenance worker, 42, remained in critical condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center with burns from his chest down - employees were using a torch to repair a metal roof above a chemical tank containing highly flammable methanol, and city officials still could not answer whether the three knew about the dangers) (no one was hurt in a fire that broke out onboard a Russian tanker under repairs - fire started on the Volga-Neft-120 tanker’s nose in the dry dock of the Ordzhokinidze shipyard - presumably, welding sparked the blaze - firemen prevented the fire from spreading into a warehouse, where lacquers and paints are being stored) (loss could be as much as 0,000 - "I tried to stop the fire, but the fire extinguisher ran out," he said at the scene.

Anderson-Butcher, Dawn, The Ohio State University Andrade, Elizabeth, Milken Institute School of Public Health, The George Washington University Andrade, Elizabeth, The George Washington University Andrade, Elizabeth, The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health (United States) Anyon, Yolanda, Stanford University Apsler, Robert, Social Science Research & Evaluation, Inc.

Aranda, Daniel, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Arantes, Valeria Amorim, University of Sao Paulo Araujo, Ulisses Ferreira, University of Sao Paulo Arbeit, Miriam R., Tufts University Arbuckle, J.

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