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Additionally, many of our recognized attorneys have chosen to bypass subscription requirements and showcase their rankings on publicly accessible Lawyer Profiles.Read About Lawyer Profiles Articles are submitted daily from the best legal talent in the country.(United States) Brower, Naomi, Utah State University Brown, Jennifer Southwick, Cornell University Brown, Lindsey, SUNY Cortland Brown, Terran, Seattle Pacific University Brown, Virginia, University of Maryland Extension Browne, Laurie P., California State University, Chico Brubaker, Sarah Jane, Virginia Commonwealth University Bryant, Marie Jolliff, Korrnell Academy Bryant, Marie J.Buckingham, Mary H., Tufts University Buher-Kane, Jennifer, University of Pennsylvania Bunch, J.C., The George Washington University Cuevas, Teresita, University of Delaware Culen, Gerald R., University of Florida Culpepper, Miniard, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cumming, Sean P., University of Washington Cummings, Jason, California Polytechnic State University Curry, Elizabeth, Kansas State University Cuthill, Michael, University of Queensland Cutucache, Christine E., University of Nebraska Omaha D' Eloia, Melissa H., California State University – Long Beach Dale, Timothy M., University of Wisconsin Green Bay Daly, Jennifer, University of Rhode Island Damhorst, Mary Lynn, Iowa State University Daryani, Ritesh, Seattle Pacific University Davis, Jamie M., Oregon State University Davis, Jamie, Oregon State University Davis, Katie, University of Washington Dawson, Patricia, Oregon State University Dawson, Patricia A., Oregon State University de Guzman, Maria Rosario T., Department of Child, Youth & Family Studies University of Nebraska-Lincoln de Guzman, Maria Rosario T., University of Nebraska-Lincoln de la Rosa, Iván A., New Mexico State University Dearing, Eric, University of Wyoming De Bates, Debra A., South Dakota State University Defore, Amber B., University of Georgia Extension Service Del Sesto, Sandra Puerini, Initiatives for Human Development Delahanty, Terrence J., Independent Consultant Denissen Cunnien, Kari, Ignite Afterschool Minnesota's Afterschool Network (United States) Dennis, Lisa M., University of Maryland Deringer, Nancy C., University of Idaho De Silva, Angela M., Boston College Dewitt, Corbin, Oklahoma State University Diaz, Elizabeth M., Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network Dick, Jeff, The Ohio State University Extension, Williams County Dick, Jeff, Ohio State University Extension Diem, Keith G., Oregon State University Extension Service Digby, Janel K., Elmwood Local Schools - Bloomdale, OH Dino, Geri, West Virginia University School of Public Health Dirga, Ali Ann Y., Willamette University Dodd, Courtney F., Texas A&M Agri Life Extension Service Dolenc, Brooke, Oregon State University Dolenc, Nathan R., University of Virginia Donnermeyer, Joseph, The Ohio State University Dorsen, Jennifer, Education Development Center Dotterer, Aryn, Purdue University Du, Dan, Tufts University Duda, Stefanie L., University of Florida, IFAS Extension, Leon County Duerden, Mat D., Brigham Young University Duerden, Mat, Department of Recreation Management, Brigham Young University Duerden, Mat D., Texas A&M University Duerst, Donna J., University of Wisconsin – Extension Rock County Duncan, Dennis W., The University of Georgia, Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication Duncan, Dennis W., University of Georgia Dunn, Elizabeth G., Impact LLC Durantaye, Michel De La, University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres Durden, Tonia R., University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Dworkin, Jodi Dworkin, Jodi, Department of Family Social Science University of Minnesota Dworkin, Jodi, University of Minnesota Dyehouse, Melissa, Purdue University Dymnicki, Allison B., American Institutes for Research Eames-Sheavly, Marcia, Cornell University Eason, Marcus, University of Georgia Edberg, M.C., The George Washington University Edwards, Michael B., Texas A&M University Eighmy, Myron A., North Dakota State University Eldridge, Galen, Montana State University Eldridge, Galen, Montana State University Extension Ellis, Gary D., Texas A&M University Ergüner-Tekinalp, Bengü, Drake University Ernst, Julie, University of Minnesota Duluth Eschenauer, Robert, St."I thought I had it out for a second, but it flared up again - The fire started when a worker, the only mechanic in the three-bay garage, was cutting a piece of steel with a torch - a spark reportedly ignited some gasoline that had trickled across the garage floor from a gasoline tank that was near a wall of the garage)one more person has died as a result of the explosion which occurred about two weeks ago - the deceased, 30, an electrician, sustained severe burns as a result of the explosion and was in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital until he died at 4 a.m.on Monday - explosion was reportedly caused by a worker who attempted to weld a leakage on an oil tanker which had offloaded its cargo)a fire at the manufacturing plant forced a nearly five-hour shutdown - no one was injured in the blaze - fire occurred in a welding area for the minivan and may have begun with a welding spark igniting insulation in the roof - damage was limited to an eight-by-20-foot section of the roof) (the owner of a business suffered third-degree burns over all of his body from an explosion as he welded a flatbed truck - life-threatening burns to as much as 100% of his body - incident happened as he worked near a fuel tank ) (a preliminary investigation has identified a cutting torch as the source of a fire that temporarily trapped 72 workers underground in a potash mine - investigators believe the torch was being used to remove bolts from a flange connected to some polyethylene pipe - it caused a flame on the inside of the pipe, which sent dense black smoke billowing through the tunnels of the mine)investigators blame two companies for last year's fuel tank explosion at a Union Pacific machine shop - while no single factor was responsible for the fatal blast, officials say the designer and the maker of the tank made errors that led to the accident last February - a sheet metal worker was working on the new fuel tank when a spark ignited vapors trapped inside and caused an explosion - the worker, was killed)a smoldering fire in the roof of a large loading dock sent toxic clouds of black, orange and gray smoke billowing - worker using a torch apparently ignited the insulation under the building's metal roof around)fire that burned through a vitamin and mineral product manufacturing building was an accident caused by a worker's torch - fire was ruled accidental after a worker used a torch to weld some metal, which caused combustible material in the storage bin to heat up - workers said there was no sign of fire or smoke when they finished welding at about noon Thursday and prior to them leaving at p.m.) (employees at a processing facility were briefly evacuated after a forklift caught fire - fire was sparked about 7 a.m.

Dee, The Ohio State University Ji, Kangting, University of Minnesota Extension John, Lindsay, John Assoicates Johnson, Brittany, UGA Extension-Rockdale County Johnson, Denice M., Duke University Johnson, Earl, Louisana State University Ag Center Johnson, Janet L.

John's University Espinoza, Jose A., Sam Houston State University Esters, Levon T., Purdue University Ettekal, Andrea Vest, Tufts University (United States) Ettekal, Andrea Vest, Tufts University Etzkin, Robby, Jewish Community Association of Austin Center Evans, Patricia A., Utah State University Evans, W.

Douglas, The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health (United States) Fairchild, Patricia J., University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Falkenthal, Jessica, Indiana University Farley, Jeremy, Former Extension Agent & Instructor, West Virginia University Extension Service Farmer, James R., School of Public Health – Bloomington Indiana University Farmer, James, Indiana University Farner, Barbara, University of Illinois Extension Farner, Susan M., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Fay, Kristen, Tufts University Feeley, Caitlin, Education Development Center Femrite, Stephanie, University of Missouri Extension Fernández, María A., Stanford University Fernandez, Mariela, University of Illinois Ferrari, Theresa M., Ohio State University Extension Ferrari, Theresa M., The Ohio State University Ferris, Kaitlyn A., Tufts University Flatt, Jenny, University of Missouri Extension Fleisher, Richard, West Virginia University Fleming Robitaille, Jennifer L., Devereux Center for Resilient Children (United States) Flesch, Jeffrey M., College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Oregon State University Flesch, Jeffrey M., College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Oregon State University Flesch, Jeffrey M., Oregon State University Florez-Urcadez, Yvette, University of Arizona Fluhr, Janene, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Fogarty, Kate, University of Florida Folan, Sheila, Sacramento, CA Forenza, Brad, Montclair State University (United States) Forman, Yulika, Tufts University Formica, Scott W., Social Science Research & Evaluation, Inc.

C., Agricultural and Extension Education and Evaluation, Louisiana State University Bunnell, Jolene, Utah State University Bunnell, Jo Lene, Utah State University Extension Burk, Brooke, Minnesota State University, Mankato (United States) Burkhalter, Robin, University of Waterloo Burkhard, Brian M., Tufts University Burnett, Bill B., Community Partnership of Southern Arizona Busing, Kyle, Schreiner University Butki, Brian, Colorado State University Caldas, Stephanie V., University of North Texas (United States) Callina, Kristina Schmid, Tufts University (United States) Campbell, Twyla, Seattle Pacific University Campen, Kali Van, University of Arizona Carberry, Andrew, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Cargo, Margaret, Douglas Hospital Research Centre-Mc Gill University Carolan, Marsha T., Michigan State University Caronongan, Pia, Harvard University Carr, Drew, Fuller Theological Seminary Carrano, Jennifer, Boston College Carroll, Jan B., Colorado State University Carroll, Jan, Colorado State University Cater, Melissa, Agricultural and Extension Education and Evaluation, Louisiana State University Cater, Melissa, Louisiana State University Ag Center Cater, Melissa, Louisiana State University Caudill, Leann E., University of North Carolina at Charlotte Cecil, Connie, Colorado State University Chahil, Sandeep, Seattle Pacific University Champine, Robey B., Tufts University Champine, Robey B., Yale University Chang, Arena, University of California, Irvine Charmaraman, Linda, Wellesley Centers for Women Chase, Paul A., Tufts University Chase, Paul, Tufts University Chauveron, Lisa M., The Leadership Program Chauveron, Lisa M., Montclair State University Cheeseman, Kelly A., University of Delaware Chen, Kong, School of Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services, University of Northern Iowa Cho, Eunbyul, Seoul National University Christensen, Darlene, Utah State University Extension Christiansen, Elise Di Denti, Boston College Christman, Kimberly A., University of Illinois Extension Cingel, Drew P., Northwestern University Claassen, Jennette, Playworks, Inc (United States) Clark, Brent, West Virginia University Extension Service Clark, Debbie, Old Dominion University Clary, Christy D., Ohio State University Extension, Brown County Cleary, S.

D., The George Washington University Cobb, Nila, WVU Cabell County Extenstion Cochran, Graham, Ohio State University Extension Cohen, Shelly, Stony Brook University Colwell, Malinda J., Texas Tech University Combee, Paige E., University of Florida Conn, Robert, SMARTRISK Contreras, Mariah M., Tufts University Corliss, Aimee L., Oregon State University Cowan, Janice, Oregon State University Extension Service Cowger, Tina, West Virginia University Cox, Charles, Oklahoma State University Cox, Donna Hardy, Memorial University of Newfoundland Crabtree-Groff, Kris, Briar Cliff University Crawford, Marcus, University of Texas at Arlington Croymans, Sara R., University of Minnesota Extension Cubilla, I.

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