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I’m Laura Pettigrew and these are the headlines in archaeological and historical news from January 12th to January 18th. id=5C32526A-A307-4E7B-9AEC-AD6505742950 Our first story is from the Greek coast where archaeologists have set off on an ambitious search for an ancient Persian fleet that was destroyed in a violent storm in 492 BC.The team will search for sunken remains of the armada, sent by Persian king Darius to invade Greece.

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How, if at all, this wreck relates to the disaster is not known.

Experts say that the hearth at this site offers the possibility of radiocarbon dating, which can help to better define the period.

The tools are characteristic of the Late Archaic and Middle Archaic periods of the Holocene Epoch, and are between 3,000 to 7,500 years old.

The researchers were particularly excited about their discovery of the relationship between the two periods.

The archaeologists believe that the Harappan (ha-RAP-pan) Civilization derived from the Kot Dijian (KOT di-JAN) and prefer to call the latter the “Early Harappan (ha-RAP-pan) Culture”.

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