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If you aren’t that comfortable at first, don’t worry, it can take practice to get into it.Start off slowly and you’ll soon get the hang of it, and he is sure to have a huge boner in a few seconds. If that doesn’t give him an erection, we don’t know what will!Take it in turns to play different roles, teacher and pupil, patient and nurse – whatever turns you on. Slip on your sexiest outfit, arrange to meet in a bar neither of you have been to before and act like you don’t know one another.

Giving a guy a hard on is a serious turn on, and, perhaps more importantly, is necessary in order to have great sex.You’ll no doubt get him uncomfortably hard and looking forward to seeing you later! When you start getting down to it, gently start whispering in his ear while giving it a little nibble and the occasional lick.You can go for full on dirty or just whisper how much you love him or how he feels so good touching you, how you love touching him and so on, the more you do this, the harder he’ll get!Go down on him and he is sure to be grateful and get a hard on instantly.Start off by gently licking up and down the underside of his penis, gently tickle his balls while you do it and then take him in your mouth, wrapping your lips around your teeth as you do so. Start by softly stroking and kissing him all over, get close to his penis and occasionally go closer before moving away, then kiss him passionately on the lips and then pull away again.

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