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However, there are other versions for the dating stating the Saka era, prior to Gupta dynasty rule (320 AD) in India, and specifically to 105 AD according to the Administrator of the Bihar Religious Trust Board Built by King Raja raja Chola in 1002 AD, this temple was dedicated to Shiva and is the finest example of Dravidian art.The Brihadeeswarar temple combines the best in the tradition of temple building – architecture, sculpture, painting and other allied arts.The sculptures in this temple date back to 1014 AD to the Somavamsis.Inscriptions from the period of the Kalinga King Anangabhima III from the 13th century are also seen in the temple.

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The temple complex has three concentric square Outer square (222 x 390 meters) surrounded by a 1 meter boundary wall.It is composed of many interconnected structures such as the Nandi pavilion, a pillared portico and a large hall.Its Vimana (the roof like structure that towers above the sanctum sanctorum or main shrine) is 66 metres high.The arrangement of temples is in such a way that shorter temples lies in the outside and getting higher toward the center.Inside the center square are sixteen small and big temples.

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