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Inciting a riotous Usenet flame war, like the war between alt.tasteless and cats, isn't a common notion of a good time.

Then again, neither is starting fires in trashcans, blowing up one's hand with a firecracker or crashing a university computer system - all things that Trashcan Man has done, and done proudly.

He doesn't even fear Karen Kolling, and she is the one who finally brought him down.

Trashcan Man, like most of the hardcore correspondents on alt.tasteless, spends so much time probing the darkest grottoes of human experience and imagination that the thought of his actually fearing something is itself frightening to contemplate.

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Man's idea to raid cats, though I'm sure he wished it had been.

It's hard to say with precision how many people actually read any one news group.

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Periodically, various surveys attempt to poll Internet sites that distribute net news. A place for people with a twisted and sick sense of humour.Vegemite is an Australian food substance made from yeast extract. Among readers of alt.tasteless, who prize Vegemite for its sublimely disgusting flavor, the spread has achieved cultlike status.According to one a.t.'er, "It was the grossest thing I ever tasted.You should know that Usenet, the battleground for what has become known as The War Between alt.tasteless and cats, is the Internet's answer to Time Warner's 500 channels of cable. There are more than 4,000 "news groups" on Usenet; more come online every week.Each one is dedicated to one niche interest or another.

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