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For more information or a budget-friendly rate quote, please e-mail: [email protected] About Dating and Romance by Randy Glasbergen.

Relationships are one of the main sources of inspiration.

His girlfriend Susie loved his trumpet-playing but her father hated it and tried to keep Buzzy out of the house. Late in 1944, Quality Comics Group introduced sexy, chestnut-haired Candy in Police Comics, and gave the character her own book in 1947.

The creation of Harry Sahle, Candy was sweet and wholesome but liberated; she used slang, adored boys, and collected jitterbug platters – much to the annoyance of her parents.

Found comics by Drew, the brilliant creator of Toothpaste For Dinner.

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The cartoons are so relatable that you might feel like somebody’s been following you.Teen humor comics is a genre of comics that humorously depicts contemporary American teenagers.When teen culture and buying power emerged in the early 1940s, comics publishers were quick to glut the newsstands with light-hearted, innocuous comic books about funny teens, cars, dating, high school, and parents.Despite an invitation to "meet some real hepcats" and the work of Dan Gordon and Milt Gross, the title folded after seven issues.Dozens of teen humor heroes and heroines peopled the comics of the period and included Binky, Ozzie, Junior, Jeanie, Ginger, Kathy, Mitzi, and Patsy Walker.

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