Free video chat no reg need

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Be among the first to download Viber from the Apple App Store – the sooner you tell your friends and family about it, the sooner you can start calling them for free!

You can also find out about Viber updates on Facebook and Twitter.

And to top it all off, upcoming features include free text messaging, custom ringtones, wallpapers and location-based services.

It also offers Bluetooth support so you can switch in and out of Bluetooth at any time with your headset.No other app offers this game-changing combination of simplicity, versatility and totally free service between mobile phones.Simply, Viber is the most useful Vo IP app to date.You know those voice minutes you've been coaxed into buying for, like, ever? Out of nowhere, Viber has swooped in to crush the dreams of Skype and every other Vo IP provider out there, and if these guys can reach critical mass, avid i Phone users will certainly be able to buy a mobile plan with fewer minutes.It works as such: install the free app on your i Phone, provide just your phone number (no "registration" is necessary) and then fire it up.

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