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Now this is a girl that stated emphatically that she'd never cheat on also said as a joke (perverse sick joke)that if I ever broke her heart she'd kill me. Yes, there are dishonest people the Philippines it's part of the culture; seemingly brought on by poverty and LOW morals/values.I can't say I'm the least bit surprised looking at all the other stories running down the page. Their friends play along with the charade as they say all the most charming things. If you ever meet a pinay online NEVER BELIEVE A WORD SHE SAYS!!!They always say "Miss you", "love you", "mahal" , "I love you so much", I know this is all pretty obvious that they don't love you still any guy that believes they do is going to end up terribly hurt and broke. They will say they love you and want relationship, but it's a lie. They will make lies like: "I need to pay bills, tuition, medical, etc...And, if you are gullible enough to send, they will take it and then go have sex with some pinoy, while you sit there like a fool. Quite often, they are scamming multiple guys at one time---a good way to get money without breaking a fingernail, and keep their meth (shabu) addiction going...

After 15 years with this Filipino women he doubled maybe even tripled his size.

It's like they want us to adapt to their way of life, and having grown up in Canada with my parents really wanting to focus on being Canadian, I always taught by my parents to don't trust anyone but yourself.

When in the Philippines visiting in 2012, I don't think I have been asked for more money, tips and insistence on this is how things are done here, type of deals.

About a quarter of a million will attend over two weekends in April 2018.

The website is a goldmine of information and answers to dozens of FAQs; highlights are here.

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