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Since messaging apps are popular (Whats App, We Chat, Kik, FB Messenger, etc.) automated, intelligent chatbots, offer a way to establishing a scalable, natural conversation between humans and businesses, while at the same time, increasing quality, consistency and response times.

Chatbots are not at the stage of passing the Turing test, and replace the ability for humans to work on complex problems, but instead, offload simple to moderately complex inquiries automatically – freeing expert staff to work on complex questions.

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also allows members to turn off this option if they prefer.

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in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University (1989). If people click this link, a blocked page may be shown (dependent on your preference).

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Whether you will be driving or following is up to you.

(Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) is a free software chatbot created in AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), an open, minimalist, stimulus-response language for creating bot personalities like A. Obviously, we’ll use your e-mail address to send you the e-mail newsletters you’ve subscribed to.

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Unfortunately third parties try to destroy the web by putting comment spam (comments placed by robots, with links to dubious websites) onto websites and thus also on

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